El Puerto de Santa María, Spain +34 657 34 69 00 Monday to Friday 10h to 12h and 16h to 19h. Spain time claudettecolombani@gmail.com


Meditation to align the Main Chakras - © Akashic Shamanism K922
  • Quartz Crystal Bowls 432Hz
  • Gong
  • Specific Diapasons for the Physical and Aural Body
  • Quartz Crystal Harp 432Hz
Guided Meditation using Ericksonian Hypnosis techniques
  • Meditations to empower specific Archetypes
  • Meditation to attract Abundance in Our Life
  • Meditation Evoking LOVE
  • Meditation to contact our Spiritual Guides
  • Meditation to empower the ANIMA - the Feminine
  • Meditation to empower the ANIMUS - the Masculine
  • Meditation to travel to the EMPTINESS
You may contact me via email, telephone or whatsapp, indicating your area of interest and I'll contact you to arrange an appointment. Contact