El Puerto de Santa María, Spain +34 657 34 69 00 Monday to Friday 10h to 12h and 16h to 19h. Spain time claudettecolombani@gmail.com

Individual Sessions,
Courses, Conferences, and Meditations

Emotional coaching, spiritual evocations, channeling, Akashic Records reading, Reiki, Pranic Healing, NLP Practitioner, Rebirthing - Breathwork, Astrology, Tensergetic Medicine, Hypnosis, Regressions, Bioneuroemotion® Counseling, EFT techniques and Ho’oponopono. Creator of the activation and healing technique: Akashic Shamanism K92.

What I offer

In person and on-line (at distance):
  • Akashic Record Reading, Dream Interpretation, Pranic Healing, Bioneuroemotion, ©Akashic Shamanism K92
  • In person only:
  • NLP, Rebirthing - Breathwork
  • cursos
    In person and on-line (at distance):
  • Activating your GIFT and life´s purpose - • Healing the Life Cycle Archetypes - ©Akashic Shamanism K92 - Akashic Records. Usui Reiki Ryojo . Workshop for the energy cords cut.
  • Conferences: Conscious Spiritual Revolution • Conference: Sexuality and Energy. Conscious evolution. ©Akashic Shamanism K92 and the understanding of time.
  • meditaciones
    In person and on-line (at distance):
  • Meditation to align the main Chakras + ©Akashic Shamanism K92
  • Guided meditation with Ericksonian Hypnosis techniques: Abundance, LOVE, Spiritual Guides, ÁNIMA - ANIMUS - Journey to the EMPTINESS
    • Support and guidance in your incarnation process and faculties empowerment
    • Contacting the original source of your soul and life mission
    • Training in conscience developing techniques
    • Actions to awaken and develop your greatest connection abilities
    Email if more information is required.

    What customers say

    A few days ago, as a gift life has given me, Claudette channeled with immense light, all the information arriving for me by reading my Akashic Records. During the session in person, I felt peace, trust and closeness. She has the gift of transmitting energy of unconditional love.... And at the same time, everything she said echoed within my soul... And she provided me information of vital importance for me at that moment in my life. Thank you so much Claudette and a big heartfelt hug.
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    During the answer of the last question, I started crying because I felt they were in my head and I could visualize those fears I had before and in that same moment. It was incredible and they were the most insightful reading ever given to me. For sure I'll keep on having consultations with you. Thank you very much!!!
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    Meeting you and taking a course with you is actually getting Pranic energy. You have the gift of loving unconditionally who is in front of you without even knowing that person and it can be felt. Thank you for everything I've received. I have left feeling full of your energy. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Namaste
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    For 30 years, in different trainings, I have formed very special bonds with people and schools which have made great changes in my life and have symbolized for me a certain kind of initiation because those experiences recalled ancestral experiences or awakenings of certain atavistic knowledge which mark a before and after along the way. I refer to them as collaboration and if you would like more information, please do not doubt on asking about them so I may get you in contact with each other. In my page, I offer, in some opportunities, on-line material they offer to the public. Supporting each other, we will strengthen our talents as a great family of light. A hung of love and let's be more every day Thank you all.
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