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Claudette Colombani
Emotional Coach, spiritual evocative, channeler, and following my vocation, I seek awakening and developing the greatest capabilities of connection of each individual. I´m a shadow drainer and the accompaniment of such process I do it with all the respect it deserves. My main work is as a channeler and master or Akashic Records, my training has taken place going to different locations, retreats, and schools of international certification in order to impart sessions of Pranic Healing, Rebirthing -Breathwork, I am a NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in the classic and new code. I impart the different Reiki levels and I have sessions as a federated Reiki Master. I will also make some time to have sessions in Bioneuroemotion® Counseling after finishing the Postgraduate degree at the Enric Corbera Institute. I'm passionate and I'm surprised everyday when working with our great master, the unconscious, and the ethereal fields many times unperceivable or extremely subtle to be seen from a vision or crude conscious. I coordinate such techniques with other studies I have done as Astrology, Tensergetic medicine, analytic or deep Psychology Courses, Hypnosis, Regressions, EFT techniques and Ho´oponopono. I have had the best instructors and guides during the way and I am extremely thankful. Nowadays, I assist and have individual consultations , as well as imparting courses, workshops and conferences within all different branches in a multidisciplinary manner. I also have meditations to balance Chakras and guided meditations using Ericksonian hypnosis to empower certain archetypes using the wonderful tools offered to us by quantum physics. I base my assistances in sessions, readings, meditations, conferences or hearings in what I've called ©Akashic Shamanism K92 which is the union between the multidisciplinary attention I offer, to the service to what it is channeled as most assertive or prudent for each case, plus certain tools for handling time and the observant. Due to being at somebody's else's service, it allows me a connection, growth, and a continuous learning. Thanks to the Universe and to all of you for participating in such process.

About me

I am a being who since she was little encounters happiness when connected to something much more subtle than those densities of this world. Not everything was easy because watching those worlds it allows you to sometimes contact the light in its most wonderful splendor and in other items, the shadow in its most darkness. Every "SEE" in that sense, must be address with a great respect. I could be said that my journey was in inverse. I first had many belonging experiences in the ethereal field and then, during the passing of the years, I gave them some kind of conscientious form in different studies which I would address later on. I stared seeing beings in different frequencies before learning to talk well. I would channel messages from superior beings when I was 6 years old using different elements without knowing exactly what it was what I was doing or what it was called. The portals would open and close in front of my eyes making it very familiar for me during my childhood. My intuition told me it was a delicate matter, later on, I knew it was even more delicate than that. I had several intense experiences with beings from other frequencies as well as several spontaneous regressions of high impact which would mark my journey towards personal healing. I wasn't healing one life at a time but progressively healing pending previous lives remanent of traumatic events or of great evolution implication; everything that was recalled and worked made me sensitive toward certain holistic techniques and work in an unconscious and spiritual emotional special manner because some tools adequate more to some circumstances than others. Very soon, I understood these worlds would be preserved better if I kept silence, because the skeptic rationalities were threatening to question them during every step. If I had spoken about everything I was living and experiencing from those other frequencies at the wrong time and with the wrong people, I would have blocked certain connections in my adult live. I'm thankful for where I come from, because my physical, psychic and energy roots are very close to those of the aborigines tribes from the Amazonia and the Americas, just as well as the alchemy of the European visionaries and that blend would soon star burning in me as an never ending fame in my search for information and learnings alike to know what has been happening to me since very little. The attainment of several cathartic, deep, and healing processes along my life were aligned as the years passed and showed me my destiny was to surrender to services others as a channel, and to do this as a my means of life and vocation. The value for the worth of the language and mathematical universe instilled to me by my father and my experiences in geometry and the numbers 3, 6, 9, 11, 13 and 33 would show me later on, their vibrational, numerological end existential impact. My dream has always been to flexible in a multidisciplinary way in order to help others opening myself in a channelized and adaptable wide variety for each case, adding to it certain conceptions about the unfolding of time and the incidence of the observant found within quantum physics, all of which made create and channel the birth of a technique I've named: ©Akashic Shamanism K92. ¨In the connection of the conscious and purified simplicity I found the way.¨
¨The highest spiritual summits in this molecular density are reached going through the darkest shadows during a total surrender of the ego and maintaining sensitivity towards the supreme.¨ ¨No crease no internal ascend." For what I can say, it's that during my biggest downfalls and when going through my darkest moments, I found the best connection via vibration, Spiritual assistance and light. I thank all my lights and shadows. ¨I'm you, where you are me... At that point we'll meet each other where everything is eternal.¨ © Claudette Colombani
I coordinate different techniques given to me in a natural way as well as received through different training and studies. I'm looking to adapt to the case it's presented to me and I let my self go as a intermediary and channeling tool. I'm an instrument and I owe myself to others. I've called this channelized and multidisciplinary attention: ©Akashic Shamanism K92. In the page's main menu, you can find details of courses, conferences or popular workshops I offer, and the individual sessions and meditations I give.
I impart several courses, conferences and workshops
I mainly dictate different levels of healing the Archetypes of Life, such courses are based on a inner journey, a journey towards self observation, and they are based in analytic Psychology, astrology, Greek mythology and meditation with Eriksonian hypnosis. I also impart Courses as a federated teacher, on all different levels of Akashic Recordsand Reiki. I give workshops for cutting energy cords in the subtle body and Chakras in order to cut or unblock energies with people o situations that density the processes. The conferences I impart are directed towards understanding the Conscious Spiritual Revolution, during the journey of the black sheep and the Spiritual warrior, as well as about the Sexuality and the Energy in the journey of a conscious evolution and the origin of the tool named ©Akashic Shamanism K92. .
I conduct individual sessions
At an individual level, I do channellings and readings of Akashic Records, assistance and coaching to work emotions, blockages, believes or decision takings as NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in the classic and new code, I also have sessions of Rebirthing - Breathwork where we use breathing to heal emotions, blockages or stored means in our cells at an unconscious level or even from an experience during a intrauterine life, as well as sessions of Pranic Healing where there is testing, cleaning, diagnosing and healing of the subtle body and of the Chakras of a person, place or situation. Other sessions are done by the use of ©Akashic Shamanism K92 for healing certain illnesses or to empower certain archetypes, as to also activate your GIFT at an unconscious level and after finishing the postgraduate studies there will be sessions opening in Bioneuroemotion® Counseling to compliment those other before.
Other gifts or talents
I'm also a Graphic Designer I be dedicated myself to the Photography. I'm also a Graphic Designer I be dedicated myself to the Photography. In images, I found a way of active meditation because with some of my photographs I make digital collages unconsciously evocative, you may see them in my Facebook and Instagram,as well as in this web page, and you may acquire them by contacting me. The same way, I can say that writing connects me with my roots and it's something that allows me to drain in silence, very soon, my book will be for sale by means of this web page just as I will start sharing meditations, personal experiences, and a variate of subjects and messages in my YouTube channel ¨Claudette Colombani¨.
Claudette López Colombani
1993 - 1996 Venezuela
Caracas Institute of Design. Graphic Designer Title I devote myself to photography and with it I make channeling and unconscious evocative digital collages.
1995 Venezuela
Training in Hands Imposition. Center of Universal Energy
  • Basic
  • Advance
  • 1995-1998 Venezuela
    Complete Study of Astrology
  • Basic Astrology
  • Advance Astrology
  • Aspects
  • Interpretation
  • Transpose Radix
  • Synastry
  • 1995 Venezuela
    Retreat of Vipassana Meditation
    2004 Venezuela
    Exponent in the Course of Oratory with Psychologist Rudy Daini
    2005 Venezuela
    Tarot Interpretation Course Rider Waite and Marsella
    2005 Venezuela
    Numerology Course
    2004 -2017 Venezuela
    Formation in the Jungnian Center (Psychology)
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Symbology
  • Archetypes
  • Greek Mythology
  • Alchemy
  • 2014 - 2015 Spain
    Master's Degree in Akashic Records
  • Level I
  • Level II
  • Master
  • 2015 Spain
    Ho´oponopono (Level I and II)
    2016 Spain
    Uterus Healing and Femininity Course
    2015 - 2017 Spain
    Master's and Federation Degree in Usui Reiki Ryoho
  • Level I
  • Level II
  • Level III
  • Master
  • 2017 - 2018 Spain
    Specialist Therapist in Akashic Healing
    2017 Spain
    International Certification as a NLP Practitioner
    (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Classic and New Code
    2017 Spain
    International and Federated Certification in Rebirthing
    (Basic and Advance, breathing in water)
    2017 Spain
    Training in Regression and Hypnosis Therapies
    2017 Spain
    Training in Coaching with NLP and EFT
    2017 Spain
    Zen Meditation Course with Suzanne Powell(Level I and II)
    2017 – 2018 Spain
    Training in Tensergetic Medicine Studies
    AURAL VISION, CINESTESIC AND REMOTA Seeing and feeling the human aura
    RECRUITMENT STRENGTHENING AND ENERGY CHANNELING Channeling, tenselar recruitment and energy projection
    Treatment of the Ethereal Body
    Decoding hidden information
    The unknown dimension
    Autofocusing relaxation
    Programming the future
    2018 Spain
    2018 Spain
    Feng-Shui Course (Level I and II)
    2017- 2019 Spain
    International Certification in Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Healing Course
  • Advance Course on Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Healing with Crystals
  • Pranic Psychotherapy
  • Preparatory Course in Arhatic Yoga
  • Pranic Feng Shui
  • 2020 - 2021 Spain
    Postgraduate Degree in Bioneuroemotion® Counseling. ENRIC CORBERA INSTITUTE
    In formation
    2020 - 2021 Venezuela
    Diploma in Holistic Sexuality – María Gabriela Santini
    In formation
    2020 - 2021 Spain
    Master in Jungian Psychology – Postgraduate Degree
    In formation
    Since 2018
    In person and online
    Pranic Healing (individual sessions)
    NLP (individual sessions)
    Akashic Records (individual readings and I dictate training levels and Master degree)
    Rebirthing (individual sessions)
    Reiki (individual sessions and I dictate federated training, levels and Master degree)
    Activating your GIFT and life´s Purpose at an unconscious level by ©Akashic Shamanism K92 - Channeled technique
    Healing the Archetypes of the Life Cycle (training Levels 1 to 14)

    I do different guided Meditations using several tools and techniques
    Meditation to align the Chakras with ©Akashic Shamanism K92
    Crystal Quartz Bowls 432Hz, Gong, Harp, Diapasons

    Meditations to attract Abundance in Our lives, evoking LOVE, contacting our Spirit Guide, to empower the ANIMA - Feminine, empowering theANIMUS - Masculine, traveling towards the traveling towards the EMPTINESS..
    ¨Love is our center and main principle. Light has the strength of eons to irradiate any vestige of darkness. Here we are, we are what we are. Nothing is casual. The spiritual revolution and the Awakening is now. Each day we are more and we are closer. We move in a time lapse where you are me and I am you. Let kindness and love expand and make us recognize each other more assertively every time. So let it be
    © Claudette Colombani
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