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Monthly course sand individual sessions

The Swiss psychiatrist, psychologist, and essayist Carl Gustav Jung understood archetypes are psychic dispositions of the collective and innate unconscious are the base from where the basic matter of life emerge.

They inform, organize and direct human thoughts and behavior.

Archetypes maintain the control of the vital human cycle.

As we age, the archetypical plan is displayed through a programmed sequence which Jung named as the stages of live. Each vital stage seeks realization in the action.

Archetypes are universal forces.

An archetype exists in the psyche as well as in the world in general, and it also covers the universal part in the singular conscious.

Therefore, archetypes order our perceptions and ideas within themselves.

They follow an objective order which transcends the human mind as well as the external world.

They tend to combine themselves and interchanges qualities, which makes it difficult to determine where one archetypes ends and other begins.

Due to this reason, I have decided to simplify work and internalization of the basic essences to relate to this world in the courses and individual sessions I give by establishing certain order of work giving courses sequentially applicable and interior work, just as also utilizing tools to activate the Original unconscious Archetype to be internalize, heal and empower.

One meeting will be summon each month to work with a different archetype till completing the basic life cycle, and sessions for individual attention are also done if desired. To have an individual session one must have completed the Group Course of the Level of the Archetype to work with.

For example, if I want to heal or empower my capability to initiate or bravery, before I request an individual session, I must have completed the Group Course Level I of Ares, which explains and works those characteristics. In the main menu of the web you will find, in detail, what does it work in each level.

Each Course consists of different parts.

Blockages are progressively eliminated by activating the pure manifestation of the superior conscious of the soul in this incarnation.

Ones own manifestation of the Original Being is balanced by un-attaching oneself to the learnt mental interpretation.

The journey through the different archetypes empowers the person managing the energy in determined areas and it generates consciousness of their own interpretations, and it also seek a higher connection with the Being by using the unconscious, quantic physics and the pineal gland as the mediator and activator.

In each course, one guided Meditation with Ericksonian Hypnosis techniques will be done; and in individual sessions, tools for Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) and Akashic Shamanism K92 will be applied.

You may send me a message via WhatsApp to request information or make a reservation.

From Monday to Friday 10h to 12h and 16h to 19h Spain time.

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