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Akashic Records
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Akashic Records

A reading of the Akashic Records is done when there are enquiries or deep questionings in which some counseling or some guide from a superior source, either Master, Guide, Protecting Angel, Guardian, Family or Counselor is needed.

The consultation develops with questions and answers channeled through messages sent by beings in other frequency, based on the history and the soul’s journey of the consultant.

The answers received are always in accordance to the level of spiritual conscience of the consultant at the present time.

In some cases answers could contain information of past lives if that experience helps understanding or is relevant to present situations: a fear, a relationship, a situation which repeats it self, etc.

They may help us elaborate and work with patterns present in our life, as well as which direction to take.

The Akashic Records are a source of information which crosses time thresholds, so we could say they are timeless when finding and giving information to internalize in different levels when going through months or years.

The same consultation may be listened years later and reveal new things which were not noticed at first.

One can have a reading and one month later, if one has another, new things will be revealed due to the variation of the level of conscience, opening, and changes the consultant has had either at internal or external level. Assimilate and be conscious of the answers from an Akashic Record already implied a substantial change.

The reading of the Akashic Records can move us deeply, helping us take resolutions which provoke a personal and spiritual of quantum leap. development. It could be a guide to make decisions or to understand certain situations from a deeper level.

You may send me a message via WhatsApp to request a reading either in person or at distance.

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