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Pranic Healing
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Pranic Healing

The therapy of Pranic Healing is based on the utilization of the Prana or Vital Energy through hands and application of cleansing and energizing techniques, reestablishing and revitalizing the human energy system. 

The Prana in the Hinduism framework, the praná or prāna is a word from the Sanskrit meaning “inhaled air” or vital energy.

According to western occultism, and yoga, the Prana would not be the air inhaled but an universal and unmeasurable energy around all cosmos, in animated and unanimated things which enters in the body through breathing.

The air or vital force which is breathed would not be a simple air inhaled through lungs, but Akashic or ethereal channels being akasha the ëter¨ in Sankrit by which energy flows, penetrating every and each part of the body, therefore, renovating and rejuvenating them. Those channels would be distributed and interweaved in the whole body and through them the Prana energy will flow.

The Prana or vital is absorbed and distributed adequately throughout the entire body, organs and bodily functions; however, there are occasions where accumulations, blockages or leaks in the flow may happen in the flow of the Prana and they are manifested by physical discomfort or unbalances.

Pranic Healing was created by Master Choa Kok Sui, who obtained a grant from the Institute for Inner Studies, Inc., in Philippines, by observation, induction, hypothesis, experimentation and demonstration, giving room to amazing results.

Pranic Healing utilizes natural laws and the Prana to ease and accelerate the recuperation of the organisms, also avoiding those difficulties it could turn up.

The technique acts on the aura or ethereal body of the person and the energy centers or Chakras, making easier the cleansing processes of ill or dirty energies, and channeling the healthy one.

During sessions, the state of Chakras and Aural Bodies of an individual or a certain situation or place are explored and diagnosed, and also clean.

Emotions, mental and physical states are cleaned, unblocked, diagnosed, and there is also Healing of the subtle and physical fields, all by means of Pranic Healing. 

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